If Video Games Were In Minecraft (ItsJerryAndHarry)

Other episodes in this series: 1: Webyoutube.com/watch?v=BA0NxvS6db0 2: Webyoutube.com/watch?v=DI5dNm8k5kE 3: Webyoutube.com/watch?v=…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to If Video Games Were In Minecraft (ItsJerryAndHarry)

  1. hanzsamonte says:

    And the song in 1:46?

  2. hanzsamonte says:

    What’s the song in 00:34?

  3. Angelo Dimawala says:

    I didn’t see hell in terraria

  4. matmangaming777 says:

    for cod i was expecting loads little kids running past shouting faggot

  5. Harry Flatron says:

    I like minecraft

  6. Bradley gorton says:


  7. Alex Kaster says:

    who the heck liked this

  8. Mrpieman900 says:

    My screen froze on the pig’s face, but the sound kept on going

  9. MAK8MC says:

    Holy shit thats so mad. The last time I went on build it!, someone put water and lava all around the arena in the outside. This happened again after someone did it to slot 31. Its happened again. I think it was 28, can’t remember. Listen, I have been staff for a long time on many servers. I really enjoy your server and it would be a pleasure to be staff on your server. Email me please: martin.konda@y7mail.com

  10. marc98o says:

    Hi there!
    If your pleasure you to come to my server, here is the IP:
    I am happy about every server you!
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  11. BlueSpew says:

    This is a scam!

  12. satisfyingdirec6558 says:

    Minecraft is the shit.
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  13. 4Munffy says:

    3:30 LOLOL

  14. Dazzer Beckon says:

    what if jerry died or what if harry died

  15. MikuMiku44 says:

    wats the soldier doing with nintendo?

  16. tbg Giovany says:

    Jery and herry don’t make youtube vids no more

  17. Kenneth Emata says:

    I think you forgot virus, I’ll help you there V-I-r-u-s

  18. TheDanishGamer18 says:

    When a noob Finds Redstone – Minecraft
    That can be fun!!

  19. Robloxguy12345678 says:

    6:00 lol a sheep survived!

  20. Vegeta saiyan says:

    jerry what are the troll songs?

  21. maria jacobs says:

    Play Minecraft while playing Minecraft lol

  22. Gabriella Bana says:

    4:37 fartality

  23. Bahnfreak189 says:


  24. Linkrocks2010 says:

    that’s link retard

  25. Cody McHenry says:

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